Baptism of the sea (First experience) - The Introductory Dive

Baptism of the sea (First experience) - The Introductory Dive

The first step to enter the world of scuba diving

 • Your experience: "Intro Dive" includes all the equipment you need

• At the end of the experience you will receive a certificate of participation from Intro Dive (The Introductory Dive)

• The only requirement is being over 8 years of age

The Introductory Dive

If you have never experience the diving world .... you are missing out of a lot! What are you waiting for?

Perhaps you have never had a chance, or are a little afraid? Maybe you didn’t have the  right company? Thanks to the Intro Dive can try a real dive, without having to worry about anything, just breathe and look around. The instructor will explain some basics and then will take you by the hand, managing the equipment for you,  you only have to relax and admire the magical underwater world, within a maximum depth of 5 meters.

Are you ready for a new experience?

We offer you the opportunity to do a real dive with all the necessary equipment and in complete safety  because you’ll be followed step by step by one of our Instructors.