“Variglioni” of Cavoli Island

“Variglioni” of Cavoli Island

In the South-East of the Isle, big granite rocks piled deep fissures and cavities form

Type: vertical rocky sea walls
Difficulty: average, often there are currents
Maximum depth: – 27 mt
Diving profile: multi-level

Protected Area: A
Destination: "Cavoli" island

Flat lobster

On the south east side of "Isola dei Cavoli",there are numerous granitic rocks with twisted profiles.  From here there are several paths between the surface and the bottom which degrade quickly for even more than 40 mt. The large stacked boulders form cavities, deep crevices with constant changes of altitude and towering blocks full of "tafoni" and other forms of erosion. This Diving experience typically takes place at a 25 mt range.

Fauna: From the first meters of depth the complexity of the landscape is enriched by the passage of schools of mullets, salps and barracuda which slide quickly between the big rocks. The big groupers, on the other hand, swim very slowly and sometimes find refuge in the large underwater cavities and can be observed there for a long time. Here it is easy to find the croakers who are difficult to see in free waters where instead one can find many snappers, which seem to be at home and patrol the bottom in search of prey.

Sessile Fauna: As soon as you reach a shady area you will see explosions of brightly coloured sponges and sea daisies. Eunicella and red sea fans (Mediterranean gorgonians) also add to the different colours. The long arms of the starfish (Ophidiaster ophidianus) can be seen everywhere: they seem to be black until the light permits you to see their real colour which is red.