Shipwrecked Madonna

Shipwrecked Madonna

Suggestive dive to the Shipwrecked statue near the Isle

Type: Sea wall
Divers: everyone, even snorkeling
Difficulty: none
Maximum depth: – 11 mt
Diving profile: quadra.

Protected area: B
Destination: "Cavoli" island

Shipwrecked Madonna -Subaquadive Service
European Barracuda -Subaquadive Service
Hypselodoris picta -Subaquadive Service

On the 8th July 1979 at the depth of 11 meters the statue of the Shipwrecked Madonna was placed by the Sub Club Sinnai (with the support of the Bonaria Sanctuary).  This work of art was done in pink trachyte from Ozieri by the famous artist Pinuccio Sciola of San Sperate (CA) and is higher than 3 meters. Every year on the third weekend of July, the Madonna is celebrated in honour of the souls of the unfortunate sailors missing at sea and invokes the protection of those who go to sea.  On Sunday, after the celebration of a special mass at the Port, there is a procession of boats covered with flowers that go to the "Cavoli" Island. On the sea bottom, in front of the statue the local village priest together with a team of divers recites a ritual prayer which is heard, with the help of speakers, by followers on various boats who play their sirens as a form of respect and throw wreaths of multi-coloured flowers into the water.

Fauna: The fauna include starfish, groupers, bream, wrasse, sea bass, damsels, croakers and the ever-present damselfish and saddled sea bream.

Sessile fauna: at this site there are sea sponges, bryozoans and corals...