“Cavoli” Ship

“Cavoli” Ship

Rocky relief profile that resembles the prow of a ship

Type: vertical rocky sea walls
Difficulty: average, often there are currents
Maximum depth: – 25 mt
Diving profile: multi-level

Protected Area: A
Destination: "Cavoli" island

yellow polyp (parazoanthus species) - -Subaquadive Service
European Barracuda - Subaquadive Service
Goby - Subaquadive Service
yellow polyp (parazoanthus species)- Subaquadive Service
nudibranch (Cratena peregrina) -Subaquadive Service
Nudibranch (flabellina affinis) -Subaquadive Service
Rocky relief profile that resembles the prow of a ship - Subaquadive Service

In the area of "Variglioni dei Cavoli" at the sea bottom you can find Posidonia which alternates with rocks creating a profile that resembles the prow of a ship.  This is the result of erosion in an air environment on granite. The site degrades rapidly into a very different landscape of large boulders and blocks of a landslide. There are numerous possible paths until reaching the depth of 40 mt.

Fauna: In a very luminous environment, the rocks are covered with a thick layer of seaweed called Cystosiera: salps graze on it while mullets, damsels, wrasse, sea bass and other small fish look for food. Everywhere you look there are big groupers and bream. You can find schools of croakers in the ravines and sometimes you can even see a few red groupers (Mycteroperca rubra).

Sessile Fauna: On the rocks you may encounter colonies of big stony corals (Cladocora caespitosa).With the increasing depth and in the less exposed areas, seaweed is replaced by an environment where invertebrates prevail: sponges, sea daisies, bryozoans, eunicelle and red sea fans. If you look closely you can see Alcyonium coralloides which cover the skeletons of dead corals, but sometimes suffocate live specimens.