Underwater Naturalist specialty

Underwater Naturalist specialty

Underwater Naturalist specialty

You cannot not know what you're seeing!

Aquatic life fascinates you? Do you always ask what that fish is and why it starts dancing under a coral formation whenever you approach? If life under the surface fascinates you ... then  the Underwater Naturalist course is made  especially for you. In your journey to become an underwater naturalist, learn the basic identification of species and their interactions, in order to figure out what to look for in the underwater environment.

With the Underwater Naturalist course, you'll see  the world with different eyes. You won't see "fish", but individual species with their specific strategies of survival in an interactive and complex ecosystem. During the course, you will get an overview of the classification of aquatic species and their relationships,  of food chains and predator/prey relationships. 

Course prerequisites:

be a patented Open Water Diver or equivalent

minimum age 10 years (Junior Open Water Diver)

Documents required:

valid medical certificate for recreational activities

digital passport photograph

Minimum duration of the course:

2  theory sessions

2 open water dives


Naturalistic Diving

Course includes:

DAN  insurance

• educational material

theoretical/practical lessons

two dives

diving patent