Scuba Review Course


Scuba Review Course

Has it been awhile since your last dive?

The Scuba Review course brings you "underwater" in a simple and rapid way. In order to follow this program it is recommended that you are a certified diver, but haven’t been diving for some time. You would like to refresh your diving knowledge and skills.  Are you a Scuba Diver or have already done a few sessions of a course and want to receive a Open Water Diver patent .

Are you an experienced diver but do not own a patent and want to obtain it. The Scuba Review program is divided into two parts. The first includes the revision of the theory, the second of practical skills during a dive in the pool or restricted sea area. 

The theoretical part includes a review of basic information relating to the safety that you've already learned in the introductory course. With respect to the educational material you will only need the Scuba Tune Up Multimedia or textbook. During the practice part at the pool / beach you can practice all the basic skills of diving. Under the guidance of one of our Instructors, your skills in diving will be refreshed and refined. We recommend that you also do a guided dive in open water, during which an our instructor will offer you the opportunity to see a local dive site and all the advantages of a guided dive.

The minimum requirements to complete this program are a valid diving patent or participation in a diving course.

Course Prerequisites:

• ARA patent or sign up for a diving course

• Minimum age: 10 years

Documents required:

• valid medical certificate for recreational and leisure activities

Minimum Duration:

• 2 theory review sessions

• 2 sessions in restricted sea area

• 2 open water dives


• related to  patent already obtained, no new course certification

• DAN Insurance 

• theoretical/practice lessons