Rescue Diver course

Rescue Diver course

Rescue Diver course

This is a course that expands your skills/knowledge on how to prevent problems and, if necessary, how to manage them.

Based on diving skills acquired in previous courses we focus now on being able to treat common problems and their management. Since it is essential to be able to react appropriately in the underwater environment, this course is of the utmost importance. The Rescue Diver course is a dynamic course specialized on how to manage and prevent any problematic under water situation. It will help develop and expand knowledge in safety while diving and learning how to react in the right way.

What you will learn will improve, as well as the level of your skills, your confidence, and it will prepare you to take the next steps toward the Master Scuba Diver and Divemaster. Looking at the past, the majority of certified Rescue Divers consider the Rescue training as an incredible challenge and, sometimes, a really demanding program but, at the same time, extremely rewarding. This explains why the Rescue Diver course is the prerequisite for all training programs at higher professional levels.

Course prerequisites:

 • be patented Adventure Open Water Diver or equivalent

minimum age 15 years or 12 years Junior Rescue Diver

valid certificate of first aid training and CPR, issued within the previous two years.

Required documentation:

 • valid medical certificate for recreational activities

 • digital passport photograph

Minimum duration of the course:

 • 8 theory sessions

8 lessons in restricted sea area

2 open water dives


maximum depth: 30 meters (for children aged less than 15 years, the maximum depth is 21 m)

 • no-decompression dive

diving in pairs

The course includes:

DAN  insurance

educational material

theoretical/practice lessons

diving lessons

diving patent