Peak performance buoyancy (PPB) specialty

Peak performance buoyancy (PPB)

Peak performance buoyancy (PPB) specialty

Those who excel at their buoyancy control stills will stand out immediately!

The peak performance buoyancy course, is structured to help divers improve their buoyancy control skills. The neutral buoyancy is the key to enjoy diving without hassles, to save air and minimize the impact on the aquatic environment. During this course you'll learn how to achieve and maintain neutral buoyancy using games and under water exercises under the guidance of one of our instructors. 

 Course prerequisites:

 • be a patented Open Water Diver or equivalent

 • minimum age 10 years

 Required documentation:

valid medical certificate for recreational activities

 • digital passport photograph

 Minimum duration of the course:

2 theory sessions

 • 2 open water dives


peak performance buoyancy

The course includes:

DAN  insurance

educational material

Theoretical / practical lessons


 • diving patent

course fee: € 150,00