Night dives

Night dives

Night dives

After this course you will explore a whole new world

This course is designed to train divers at night dives, with the aim of having fun in complete safety and without disturbing the delicate marine environment. In this course you will learn about what equipment you need for a night dive, diving conditions at night, use and management of a diving flashlight.  You will also learn how to interact responsibly with the aquatic life that you encounter during night dives.

 Course prerequisites:

be a patented Open Water Diver or equivalent

minimum age 12 years

Required documentation:

valid medical certificate for recreational activities

digital passport photograph

 Minimum duration of the course:

8 theory sessions

3 open water dives


Night dives

no-decompression diving

diving in pairs

The course includes:

DAN  insurance

educational material

theoretical / practice lessons


 • diving patent

cost of the course: € 200,00