Emergency First Response course

Emergency First Response course

Emergency First Response course

First aid and CPR are useful even to non-divers

The Emergency First Response course is an innovative first aid program that provides a comprehensive education in Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (first aid). Primary Care course (RCP) prepares you to lend aid to those who are in mortal danger. The Secondary Care (first aid)course adds other knowledge and skills to those learned in Primary Care in order to assist those in need, in case of emergency, unavailability or delays in medical assistance.

Why should you attend the Emergency First Response?

Accidents and illnesses are facts of everyday life. Some people need just a little help while others, if  they are not rescued, can suffer serious permanent damage. By mastering the f skill training courses of Emergency First Response Primary Care (PCP) and Secondary Care (first aid), you can assist those in need. The Emergency First Response will help you understand the most recent professional emergency care and present a flexible program – you can study on your own when you have time and participate in practical training sessions taught by a qualified instructor, Emergency First Response. The Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) is done specifically for emergencies where there are people in mortal danger. The course is valid for two years from achievement.

Minimum duration of the course:

4  theory sessions

course includes:

educational /practice

theoretical/practice lessons