Deep Diver

Deep Diver

Deep Diver

This course will enable you to explore deep waters

The minimum depth for this dive is 18 meters and the maximum of 40 ... You will follow at least one theoretical lesson that will cover various topics, including: planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and risks of deep diving, risk factors and tables, review procedures for the safety and for emergency decompression, and special equipment. The DEEP diving patent allows you, if you have 4 other specializations, the RESCUE DIVER and the E.F.R. patent, to obtain the MASTER SCUBA DIVER certification - the highest nonprofessional rat­ing, denoting superior achievement.

Course prerequisites:

be a patented Advanced Diver or equivalent

minimum age 15 years

 required documentation:

not expired medical certificate

digital passport photograph

 Minimum duration of the course:

at least 1 theory session

4 open water dives


maximum depth: 40 meters

no-decompression diving

buddy diving

The course includes:

DAN  insurance

educational material

theoretical/practical diving lessons


diving patent

Course fee: € 250,00