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Bubblemaker Course

Bubblemaker Course is a fantastic way to introduce children to scuba diving.

The PADI bubblemaker program is open to boys and girls from ages 8 and up. It's fun, easy and safe. The PADI bubble maker program is a way to involve more young people in family activities or perhaps to find a new hobby! Children should feel comfortable in the water, even if they are not experienced swimmers.  The maximum depth that can be achieved is only 2 meters. Course ...

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Scuba Diver course

Do you have little time to get your diving patent?

The course is structured to provide an essential diver program for adults and teens,  which is very useful as a means to increase underwater capabilities. It ends with a patent which enables you to participate in scuba diving at a maximum depth of 12 meters. The course is fully recognized as a credit for Open Water Diver courses and can be completed at any other diving center. The Scuba ...

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Open Water Diver Course

Complete and interesting program of diver training

Complete and interesting program of diver training which is the first level of the training that will get you to dive alone. During the Open Water Diver course our instructors will pass on the basic knowledge. Already after the first dives in confined water (pool or in the sea that offers depth and environmental conditions similar to those of a swimming pool) and then in open water you will be ...

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Scuba Review Course

Has it been awhile since your last dive?

The Scuba Review course brings you "underwater" in a simple and rapid way. In order to follow this program it is recommended that you are a certified diver, but haven’t been diving for some time. You would like to refresh your diving knowledge and skills.  Are you a Scuba Diver or have already done a few sessions of a course and want to receive a Open Water Diver patent . Are ...

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Advanced Open Water Diver Course PADI or PSS

This is a course that helps you increase your confidence and improve your scuba skills so you feel much more comfortable in the water.

With the Advanced Open Water Diver course you will complete your preparation and reach a more advanced level.  You will discover new experiences and certify to dive to a depth of 30 meters. In fact, the course includes adventure dives specialized in various fields such as night diving, wreck or deep diving. For each dive, you will get an overview of the kind of dive, the technical aspects ...

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Emergency First Response course

First aid and CPR are useful even to non-divers

The Emergency First Response course is an innovative first aid program that provides a comprehensive education in Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (first aid). Primary Care course (RCP) prepares you to lend aid to those who are in mortal danger. The Secondary Care (first aid)course adds other knowledge and skills to those learned in Primary Care in order to assist those in need, in case of ...

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Rescue Diver course

This is a course that expands your skills/knowledge on how to prevent problems and, if necessary, how to manage them.

Based on diving skills acquired in previous courses we focus now on being able to treat common problems and their management. Since it is essential to be able to react appropriately in the underwater environment, this course is of the utmost importance. The Rescue Diver course is a dynamic course specialized on how to manage and prevent any problematic under water situation. It will help develop ...

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Deep Diver

This course will enable you to explore deep waters

The minimum depth for this dive is 18 meters and the maximum of 40 ... You will follow at least one theoretical lesson that will cover various topics, including: planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and risks of deep diving, risk factors and tables, review procedures for the safety and for emergency decompression, and special equipment. The DEEP diving patent allows you, if ...

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Night dives

After this course you will explore a whole new world

This course is designed to train divers at night dives, with the aim of having fun in complete safety and without disturbing the delicate marine environment. In this course you will learn about what equipment you need for a night dive, diving conditions at night, use and management of a diving flashlight.  You will also learn how to interact responsibly with the aquatic life that you ...

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Enriched Air Nitrox

Enriched air nitrox benefits all types of diving

Welcome to one of the most popular PADI and PSS Speciality courses – the Enriched Air diving. Diving with Enriched Air NITROX lets you extend safely your non-decompression time. Diving with enriched air means more time underwater, but in order to use NITROX tanks, you need the Enriched Air Diver patent. Whether you're a photographer or an enthusiast of underwater wrecks, whether ...

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Underwater Naturalist specialty

You cannot not know what you're seeing!

Aquatic life fascinates you? Do you always ask what that fish is and why it starts dancing under a coral formation whenever you approach? If life under the surface fascinates you ... then  the Underwater Naturalist course is made  especially for you. In your journey to become an underwater naturalist, learn the basic identification of species and their ...

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Peak performance buoyancy (PPB) specialty

Those who excel at their buoyancy control stills will stand out immediately!

The peak performance buoyancy course, is structured to help divers improve their buoyancy control skills. The neutral buoyancy is the key to enjoy diving without hassles, to save air and minimize the impact on the aquatic environment. During this course you'll learn how to achieve and maintain neutral buoyancy using games and under water exercises under the guidance of one of our ...

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